Sydney B. Guyer

Sydney B. Guyer Biography By Bernard Guyer My father, Sydney B. Guyer (Simcha Binen Chaja in Polish) was a Gombiner, born in Sanniki in 1904.  He married Anna Rissman in 1927, started a family, but then emigrated from Poland to Uruguay in 1937 to create a better life for them.  After the death of his oldest son, Pinchus Chaja, he managed to get his wife and daughter to join him in Montevideo. Ultimately, the family… Read More »


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Pinchus Chaja (Guyer)

pinchas chaja

The Matzevah of Pinchus Chaja (1999). This story of the discovery of the matzevah (head stone) of my older brother, Pinchus Chaja, tells the single most intimate and powerful story of my immediate family. The story spans my parents’ marriage in Gabin in 1929, the births of their first two children- Pinchus (1930) and Evelyn (1932), the migration of my parents to Uruguay and ultimately the U.S., and the destruction of the remaining Rissman family, including my maternal grandfather, Manele Ryzman, at the hands of… Read More »

Guyer/Rissman (Bernard Guyer)

July 08, 2007 My name is Bernard Guyer. At the time of this writing, I am living in Baltimore Maryland and am 64 years old. My father was Sydney B. Guyer (Simcha Chaja, from Sanniki, a village outside of Gabin); 1904-1980. My mother was Anna (ne: Rissman) Guyer (Chana Ryzman, from Gabin); 1905-2004. My family has rich connections to Gabin. These I want to document on this family web-page; I hope to add more material to these pages over… Read More »

George Nosal

George Nosal’s mother was Bayla (nee Chaja) Nosal, who was born in Gombin in 1888 and murdered at Chelmno in 1942; may her memory be for a blessing. George was born in 1922 in Kutno.   He is a spritely 99-year-old and a marvelous storyteller and historian, whose dramatic life spans the tragic years of the 20th century. I had the great pleasure of spending a weekend with him in Toronto, chatting for hours, looking at… Read More »

New Video: George Nosal Interview in Cleveland, 2019

Click here to check out this interview with Gombiner George Nosal. George Nosal was born in Poland in 1922 and may be the oldest living Jewish Gombiner at the time of this interview filmed during a Gombin Society Board meeting in Cleveland in the summer of 2019.  He is a marvelous story-teller and recounts some of his remarkable life, escaping Poland during the Nazi invasion, surviving the Russian internment, joining the British army, and eventually… Read More »

Gombin Jewish Cemetery Fence Repair Project

2020 - Gombin Jewish Cemetery Fence - Repair truck

In January, 2020, the Gombin Society entered into an agreement with the Nissenbaum Foundation of Warsaw to repair and refurbish the metal fence around the Gombin Jewish Cemetery.   This fence was originally built in 1998 through a similar agreement with Nissenbaum, but had gradually rusted and deteriorated over the intervening 20 years. The first phase of a multiyear project is now completed with the reinstallation of 70 refurbished spans of the fence in the front… Read More »

The Jewish Community of Gąbin, 1918-1945. Magdalena Karczewska. Master’s Thesis, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, 2004

Karczewska History Title Page

Jewish settlement on Gąbin dates to the Middle Ages, and the Jewish Kehila (community) was already established in the 13th Century. That community was destroyed during World War II, but its history lives on. This Master’s Thesis represents the most comprehensive and scholarly historical overview of Jewish Gąbin, with a particular focus on the 20th Century, inter-war period. The original was written in Polish and translated into English by Leon Zamozc. Click here to view… Read More »

“Who Will Write Our History” Warsaw Ghetto Film

Who Will Write Our History Airing on the Discovery Channel at 3 PM on Sunday Jan. 26. This is a moving film reenactment of the Emanuel Ringleblum group inside the Warsaw Ghetto who wrote and buried an archive that documented their experiences. “About the Film”, From the Who Will Write our History’s website: “In November 1940, days after the Nazis sealed 450,000 Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, a secret band of journalists, scholars and community… Read More »

Database of headstones in the Gąbin (Gombin) Jewish Cemetery

Matzevah of Pincus Chaja, brother of Bernard Guyer

The Poland Jewish Cemeteries Restoration Project (Wirtualny Cmentarz) has researched hundreds of Jewish cemeteries through our Poland and created a database of the headstones, documenting all available information including a photo, the text in Hebrew and, in some cases, a translation to English. Click here to view the project’s website. Toggle between Polish and English translation using the Polish and English flag icons in the right side of the navigation bar. Go to Database and… Read More »