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Genealogical and personal accounts of the Jewish families of Gombin.

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Lindsey Max (Manczyk)

Lindsey Max wrote an article for the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage called “History Lost and Found: Tracing My Gombiner Roots Through the Jewish Diaspora”. In personal and authentic language, Lindsey describes the genealogical journey that took her to discover her Gombiner roots. That journey took her around the world, to the Gombin shtetl in Poland and back to New Jersey, where she delved into the history of the Gombin Society.

Sydney B. Guyer

Sydney B. Guyer Biography By Bernard Guyer My father, Sydney B. Guyer (Simcha Binen Chaja in Polish) was a Gombiner, born in Sanniki in 1904.  He married Anna Rissman in 1927, started a family, but then emigrated from Poland to Uruguay in 1937 to create a better life for them.  After the death of his oldest son, Pinchus Chaja, he managed to get his wife and daughter to join him in Montevideo. Ultimately, the family… Read More »


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Pinchus Chaja (Guyer)

pinchas chaja

The Matzevah of Pinchus Chaja (1999). This story of the discovery of the matzevah (head stone) of my older brother, Pinchus Chaja, tells the single most intimate and powerful story of my immediate family. The story spans my parents’ marriage in Gabin in 1929, the births of their first two children- Pinchus (1930) and Evelyn (1932), the migration of my parents to Uruguay and ultimately the U.S., and the destruction of the remaining Rissman family, including my maternal grandfather, Manele Ryzman, at the hands of… Read More »

Guyer/Rissman (Bernard Guyer)

July 08, 2007 My name is Bernard Guyer. At the time of this writing, I am living in Baltimore Maryland and am 64 years old. My father was Sydney B. Guyer (Simcha Chaja, from Sanniki, a village outside of Gabin); 1904-1980. My mother was Anna (ne: Rissman) Guyer (Chana Ryzman, from Gabin); 1905-2004. My family has rich connections to Gabin. These I want to document on this family web-page; I hope to add more material to these pages over… Read More »

George Nosal

George Nosal’s mother was Bayla (nee Chaja) Nosal, who was born in Gombin in 1888 and murdered at Chelmno in 1942; may her memory be for a blessing. George was born in 1922 in Kutno.   He is a spritely 99-year-old and a marvelous storyteller and historian, whose dramatic life spans the tragic years of the 20th century. I had the great pleasure of spending a weekend with him in Toronto, chatting for hours, looking at… Read More »

Hania (neé Teifeld) Shane

Hania Teifeld Siblings

Shane-Teifeld H: Memoir of My Survival; The Life of Hania Shane-Teifeld. As told to niece, Aida (Guyer) Cutler This memoir was written by Hania (neé Teifeld) Shane over a period of years and dictated to her niece, Aida (neé Guyer) Cutler, between 2000 and 2002, in Detroit. Hania died in 2002. Aida is the daughter of Hania’s sister, Zelda, who is mentioned in the memoir, but who had already emigrated to Argentina when the Second… Read More »


View Survival by Devotion, “A brief bio of my father”, Samuel Frankel, by Gayle (Frankel) Sokoloff

Sklarok / Szklarek

Szklarek Lewis family tree

These set of documents that were handed down to us from our Grandmother Rose Lewis (wife of Harry Kutcher) as being her family documents. The family emigrated to the UK some time between 1886 and 1891 and changed their name to Lewis. There are discrepancies in the dates of birth even between UK documents which I assume are due to language problems/ mistranslations, but on the whole the data between the Szkareks and Lewis tie… Read More »


sanitt family photo

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