Genealogical Research for Gombin Jewish Families

There are two kinds of Gombiners: those who have family stories and those who are searching for their family story!

In either case, we all seek to learn more about our roots, either by searching for evocative family photographs, sending off specimens for DNA analysis, or by travelling to Poland to search the various archives for evidence of our family origins and fates.

This page includes resources for such personal, family genealogical research. We provide search engine that includes the entire website (GombiNames), links to important sources and organizations, and personal assistance by contacting us at

Supplementary Sites

JewishGen Family Finder
Database of ancestral towns and surnames currently being researched by Jewish genealogists worldwide

The 1940 U.S. Census
Fully indexed for free by

GombiNames Database

Input your family name into the search bar to find your connection to Gombin.

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