Welcome to the Gombin Society During our 100th Anniversary Year

The objective of the Gombin Jewish Historical & Genealogical Society is to preserve the legacy of Jewish life and culture in Gombin (Gąbin in Polish), Poland- the town of our ancestors. We will preserve the record of our families’ lives, roots and genealogy so that the history of 300 years of Jewish life in Gombin will not have been destroyed by the Holocaust. This preserved record will be used to educate current Gąbiner residents, descendants living all over the world and future generations..

What's New with Gąbin

Rendering of Plaque in Old Town Square

“We go on living” A plaque commemorating the Jewish community of Gąbin was unveiled in the Old Market Square on June 9, 2021.  The installation was an initiative of the Gombin Jewish Historical and Genealogical Society and the Mayor of Gąbin. Thanks to online communication, descendants of Gąbin’s Jews and others from all over the world participated in this emotional, historical moment.  Engraved photographs are either historical images or photos of Wasilewski’s model synagogue reconstruction. … Read More »

Gombiner Lindsey Max describes her genealogical journey in Smithsonian article New Video: “Last Letter – Gombin and Gostynin Commemoration” Jewish Gombin Highlighted at Yad VaShem Abraham Mastbaum Auschwitz Interview New Video: George Nosal Interview in Cleveland, 2019 Gombin Jewish Cemetery Fence Repair Project

Virtual Gombin Tours

There are no upcoming tours. Please check out our previous tours:

Virtual Gombin #15: June 18th, 2023 – Tour the Gąbin Collection at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Virtual Gombin #15 happened on June 18, 2023: 10am Pacific, 1pm New York, 6pm London, 7pm Warsaw, 8pm TelAviv Presentation made by USHMM curators, Susy Snyder and Vincent Slatt. Highlights include brief tours of the family photo collections, the 1937 Sam Rafel film, and the recently discovered testimony by a witness of the Nazi invasion of Gombin during the very early days of WWII; these documents were hidden and are known as The Ringelblum Archive,… Read More »

Virtual Gombin #14: Sunday, March 26th – Zionist Youth in pre-war Poland. Katarzyna Martinovic

Virtual Gombin #13 – DNA and Family History – Michael Shade

Virtual Gombin #12 – Update from the Annual Members’ Meeting – 100 years of the Gombin Society.

Virtual Gombin #11: “Live” from Gąbin: 80th Anniversary of Life and Destruction of Gombin’s Jewish Community

Rubbing matzevah 1999
Rubbing matzevah 1999
Preserving the Legacy of Gombin since 1923
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