pinchas chajaThe Matzevah of Pinchus Chaja (1999).

This story of the discovery of the matzevah (head stone) of my older brother, Pinchus Chaja, tells the single most intimate and powerful story of my immediate family. The story spans my parents’ marriage in Gabin in 1929, the births of their first two children- Pinchus (1930) and Evelyn (1932), the migration of my parents to Uruguay and ultimately the U.S., and the destruction of the remaining Rissman family, including my maternal grandfather, Manele Ryzman, at the hands of the Nazis in 1942. – Bernie Guyer

The Story of Pinchus Chaja (2016)

This is a documentary short that we produced using footage from the Legacy Film of Bernie and Jane Guyer. It recounts a foundational story in the couple’s life — a story that we want preserved and shared with future generations.