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It is the objective of the GJH & GS to preserve the legacy of Jewish history and culture in Gombin, Poland, the town of our ancestral families.  We will preserve the record of our family’s roots and genealogy so that the history of 300 years of Jewish life in Gombin will not have been destroyed by the Holocaust.

The preserved record will serve as a basis for the education of current Gombiners now living all over the world and all future generations.

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Warsaw's Jewish Museum
Warsaw's Museum of the History of Polish Jews, chronicling 1,000 years of a country and a people's history, is a testament to a new, open Poland.


Gombin Society 90th Anniversary Celebration
19 May 2013, NYC -- Photos, speeches, and presentations from the historic event. Proceeds went toward Phase II of the Gombin Jewish Cemetory Restoration initiative.

Gombin. Restoring a Jewish presence
Published by the Forum for Dialogue Among Nation's School of Dialogue, this project is the creation of 22 middle school students during a four day educational program in 2012.

Gombin. The Life and Destruction of a Jewish Town in Poland
Published by the Gombin Society, Knight Printing Corp, 1969. Viewable in both Hebrew (page 1) and English (page 235).

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2013 GJH&GS Annual Board Meeting
Held on November 11, this meeting addressed the future of the Gombin Society.

Gombin Jewish Cemetary Restoration (Phase II)
"I am sending to you the status and plans for the continuing recovery and improvement to the Jewish Cemetery in Gombin which was totally destroyed by the Nazis in 1939.
The Cemetery monument was built with recovered gravestones. In addition, a fence surrounding the entire property was built by the Gombin Society and dedicated in 1999. In 2012, the monument was cleaned and weather-proofed.  Loose gravestones in the monument were remounted. The gate had fallen and was also repaired.
The next phase of work to be done includes replacing the gravel walkway from the gate to the monument and painting the fence surrounding the property. A Gombin family, represented by Mr. Larry Zicklin has generously offered to match our fund raising..."