Virtual Gombin #15 happened on June 18, 2023: 10am Pacific, 1pm New York, 6pm London, 7pm Warsaw, 8pm TelAviv

Presentation made by USHMM curators, Susy Snyder and Vincent Slatt.

Highlights include brief tours of the family photo collections, the 1937 Sam Rafel film, and the recently discovered testimony by a witness of the Nazi invasion of Gombin during the very early days of WWII; these documents were hidden and are known as The Ringelblum Archive, housed at the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw.  Links will be available to the pages and their translation into English.

Remember that these Virtual Gombin programs are free, but we would appreciate your donations and membership dues so that the Gombin Society can continue this important work of maintaining the Jewish history of our Polish shtetl at