B'nai Gombin

B'nai Gombin (The Children of Gombin) is the newsletter of the Gombin Jewish Historical & Genealogy Society. The newsletter's goal is to inform the public about the activities and
projects of the Society, to publish relevant information about the history and genealogy of the Jews from Gombin, and to facilitate communication among the worldwide Gombiner community.

Published occasionally, B'nai Gombin is distributed free of charge to all those interested. We
do ask, however, that subscribers make a donation to the Gombin Society to cover the costs
of printing and shipping. All members of the Gombin Society receive the newsletter.

All authors are encouraged to submit fiction or non-fiction articles, poetry, or artwork on
topics of interest to Gombiners to B'nai Gombin at mindyprosperi@gmail.com.

The views and opinions expressed in B'nai Gombin are not necessarily those of the Gombin Society.

  • Issue #39

    December 2017
    Sign-up for 2018 Poland trip; Remembering Ada Holtzman; Pindek books found in Gombin
  • Issue #38

    April 2017
    Gertzman, z”l; Gombin Mezuzah; Videos; Rothbart: “Gombin Artisans” from Yizkor Book
  • Issue #37

    October 2016
    Poland trip, September 2016; Virtual tour Gombin Synagogue; Ada Holtzman, z”l
  • Issue #36

    May 2016
    Hania (Teifeld) Shane memoire of survival
  • Issue #35

    July 2015
    State Ethnographic Museum, Warsaw; POLIN Museum, Warsaw; Plock Museum of Mazovian Jews; Chelmno
  • Issue #34

    September 2014
    Stupay: Hope Expired, Life Persists
  • Issue #33

    April 2014
    Plock “Book of Residents”; Rabbi Cukierkorn; Lewenberg: Grandmother’s candlesticks
  • Issue #32

    August 2013
    90th Anniversary of Gombin Societies, New York; Ada Holtzman’s comments
  • Issue #31

    September 2012
    Gombin Cemetery cleanup; Forum for Dialog Among the Nations report
  • Issue #30

    April 2012
    Gombin Synagogue model; President’s message
  • Issue #29

    September 2011
    Gombin cemetery; Freedman: Magen Avraham; Manczyk family genealogy
  • Issue #28

    May 2011
    Synagogue reflector; Wolfowitz Rackocz survival
  • Issue #27

    September 2010
    Ben Guyer, z”l; Rywcia Holcman, z”l
  • Issue #26

    March 2010
    George Nosal; Dr. Dziewczepolski; Martin Guyer, z”l; Lukasz Florkiewicz; Packer: Jewish revival in Poland
  • Issue #25

    Fall 2009
    Ben Guyer, 1939; Gertzman: Rissman family
  • Issue #24, including ‘Remnants from the Community of Gombin’ by Ada Holtzman

    Pesach 2009
    President’s report; Leon Fajgenbaum, z”l; Zlotnik:Remnants from Gombin
  • Issue #23

    September 2008
    Max Guyer, Zelda Teifeld photos
  • Issue #22

    April 2008
    Gombin theater and film; Bella’s Dream; Packer: Umczek Kerber; Dramatic circle of Gombin
  • Issue #21

    September 2007
    Planning Gombin Synagogue memorial, 2008; Film: “The Lilliput”; Stupay: family roots
  • Issue #20

    February 2007
    Proposed trip: Back to Gombin-2; Michael Zielonka, z”l
  • Gombin Society Website Gets a Face Lift

    September 2006
  • Issue #19

    September 2006
    Back to Gombin-II; Gombin Synagogue memorial; 67 years ago: burning synagogue
  • Issue #18

    March 2006
    Gombin Synagogue project; Raymond Boll, z”l
  • Issue #17

    October 2005
    President’s (Guyer) report: 2005 Poland trip
  • Issue #16

    April 2005
    Melvin Wruble: Passover in Gombin memoir; YIVO photos; Ben Kraut, z”l
  • Issue #15

    September 2004
    Packer: Back to Gombin film; Gombin families’ letters; Anna Rissman, z”l; Dana Boll: Tikkun Olam;
  • Issue #14

    June 2003
    Rothbart: Soldier’s Journal; Cemetery; Back to Gombin film; Gombin Society new directions; Holtzman: Register of Jewish Survivors; Grabowski memoir; Konin Memorial; Lupu: Memory Lapses
  • Issue #13

    December 2001
    Matzevah of Pinchus Chaja; Packer: Back to Gombin- After September 11; Kanter: Rajzel Zychlinsky, z”l
  • Issue #12

    February 2001
    Meir Holtzman memoir; Bella Boll, z”l; Packer: “An Evening to Remember”; Weithorn: “The Last Shtetl in Europe”; GombiNames project
  • Issue #11

    January 2000
    Wyborcza Gazeta: “Nowhere else has water like this”; Szwajkowski: “My Jewish Friends”; Freedman: “Our Murdered Kinsmen”
  • Issue #10

    August 1999
    Konin & Chelmno; Cemetery rededication; Gombin documentary; Lupu: Three generations return; Aaronson Diary of Konin; Chevra Mikva; Konin mass grave victims.
  • Issue #9

    April 1999
    Dedication ceremonies; Yom Hashoah; Postcards from the abyss; Freedman: British Gombiners; Gruber: ISJM conference
  • Issue #8

    December 1998
    Dedication ceremonies; Priest’s sermon; Meir Zelig Holtzman, z”l; Lupu: New York 75th anniversary; Freedman: Imperial War Museum
  • Issue #7

    September 1998
    Rothbart: Friends in the Bund; Holtzman: “Successor generation”; Lupu: “God Hid His Face” review; Letters
  • Issue #6

    February 1998
    “If we do not remember, who will?”; Saving Jewish Cemeteries in Poland; Zamosc interview: Zbigniew Lukaszweski; A book of Gombiner names
  • Issue #5

    September 1997
    Lupu: Gombiner gathering 1997; My father Jacob Rothbart; Fishele Lehrer and his secular school; Temenson: American in Gombin; Publications of the Gombin Society; Genealogy seminar
  • Issue #4

    Spring 1997
    1997 Gombiner gathering; Melvin Wruble: Teaching the next generation; Hashomer Hatzayir in Gombin; Packer:child of survivors; Synagogue chandelier; Zychlinski: “I wish to once again walk on grass”
  • Issue #3

    Winter 1997
    An experience to remember; What does your garden grow?; Davening; Gombin French connection; “We’re on the Web”
  • Issue #2

    Fall 1996
    Rafel film update; Intrator: A Glimpse of Gombin; Zamosc: Cherishing Family Roots
  • Issue #1

    Summer 1996
    Database #1, #2, #3; Traslationof GombinYizkor Book; Restoration of Gombin Jewish Cemetery