The Hebrew Popular School in Gombin – the Children’s Mandolin Orchestra ~1925, (from the archive of Meir Holtzman z”l). The unforgettable music teacher Icek Rembaum (center). Meir Holcman is standing 2nd to the right. From the book: “Płock the History of An ancient Jewish Community in Poland, Tel Aviv”, 1967, page 442. By Icek Rembaum, a teacher and an educator in Gombin. He was born in Płock and served as the director of the Hebrew Popular School in Gombin. He had a very developed talent for music, and thus he organized orchestras and choirs in “Maccabi” and the schools he worked in. He had a special interest in sport. He perished in the Holocaust together with his wife Gita (née Rusak) and their only daughter Ester (Natusia) who was only 16 years old upon her death.

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