February 21, 2010

My name is Lukasz Florkiewicz and I live in village Grabie Polskie – near Gabin. I am 23 years old.
Month ago I found Your page in internet and I am very surprised and interested in history of Gabin.
I never heared about film ‘BACK TO GOMBIN’ – I would like to see this film. I never heard about Gombin Jewish Historical And Genealogical Society.

I saw very interesting photos and I found some special for me photo.
Lea Florkewicz – Do You know something more about this person? I am interested because I have almost the same surname – Florkiewicz.

I found also beautiful poetry. I am shipbuilder and I work in shipyard in Plock but after job I am songwriter and recently I made melody for lyric ‘I REMEMBER’ – By Rajzel Zychlinsky. That was automatic – like a lightning flash.

Rajzel Zychlinsky: I Remember
Dedicated to Jacob Patt
I remember
It was a day
ike today
I was alone in a park.
The benches were empty and abandoned,
as if they knew that never again would anyone sit on them.
Slowly the leaves were falling,
counting the autumns on the earth.
Silence was all around, as before a storm.
In what country was that?
In what city?
It was a temple without a God and without worshipers.
And how did I save myself from there?

Sometimes I dream about wonderful world – ideal world. And in my minds – my beautiful world looks like a small town (like a Gombin), where people live in tolerance and love. Polish, Germans, Jews – market in every Thursday where everybody laugh and wish ‘good day’… unfortunately, that are only my dreams.

lukasz florkiewicz gabin lake