This extraordinary “hybrid” event will be held June 9th at 4pm in Poland (3pm in UK, 10am EDT, 7am Pacific, 5pm in Israel). A live event will take place in Gąbin with the Mayor and Polish guests. Comments from other Polish and International friends will be on-line. A video link will be available, and instructions will be sent in early June. More information to follow. Please RSVP by contacting us at and plan to participate.

This event was featured in an article from the Nasz Gabin website: “Żyjemy nadal- odsłonięcie Tablicy Pamięci Społeczności Żydowskiej Gąbina” (English: “We go on living- the unveiling of the plaque commemorating the Jewish community of Gąbin “)
Click here to read the original Polish version of the article and view the photo collection.
Click here to read the article translated to English.

Click here to watch the full live-streamed event on YouTube.