June 9th Special Events

Join us for two special events on June 9th!
There are two separate registrations. If you’ve already registered to both events, no need to register again.

Unveiling the Historical Marker Ceremony in Gąbin

2 am Australian Eastern | 7am Pacific | 9 am Central | 10 am Eastern | 3 pm UK | 4 pm Warsaw | 5 pm Tel-Aviv

After years and years of work, collaboration, and vision of the Gombin Society and friends in Poland, we will have a marker commemorating the synagogue and Jewish community. This extraordinary “hybrid” event will be held June 9th at 4pm in Poland. A live event will take place in Gąbin with the Mayor of Gąbin, Chief Rabbi of Poland, President of Gombin Society, Gąbin high school teachers and students, and Polish guests. Comments from other Polish and International friends will be online.


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Zoom in on the Forum: Gombin Society – reconnecting with ancestral town

5 am Australian Eastern | 10 am Pacific | 12 pm Central | 1 pm Eastern | 6 pm UK | 7 pm Warsaw | 8 pm Tel-Aviv

This is a Zoom in on the Forum session with representatives of the Gombin Jewish Historical & Genealogical Society, an organization devoted to preserving the legacy of Jewish history and culture in Gąbin, Poland.

Join us for a conversation with Bernard Guyer, Dana Boll, and Lindsey Max who will discuss their efforts to reconnect to the town of their ancestors and instill a sense of shared responsibility and community among generations of Gombiners. Listen to their stories of involvement in genealogical and historical research and of returning to Gąbin to preserve the heritage of Jewish community. Each of our guests will shed light on the different activities pursued by the Gombiners: the reemergence of Gombin Society in 1996, the creation of a theater play based on a story of a family from Gąbin, and the onboarding of new members and generations into Society’s mission.


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The guests of this Zoom in on the Forum session are members of the Gombin Society representing three generations of Gombiners associated with the organization. Bernard Guyer is a retired pediatrician and public health professor at Johns Hopkins University, whose mother and father were from Gąbin. He first returned to Gąbin in 1998 and is currently President of the Gombin Jewish Historical & Genealogical Society. Dana Boll is a theatre artist and playwright based in New York City, whose paternal grandparents escaped from Gąbin to Russia after the outbreak of the Second World War. She captured their story in her play Bella’s Dream. Dana has visited Poland several times and is a member of the Gombin Society Board. Lindsey Max is a graduate of Emory University and Savannah College of Art and Design and interned at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage. She recently joined the Gombin Society Board and has yet to visit Gąbin.


Rubbing matzevah 1999
Rubbing matzevah 1999
Preserving the Legacy of Gombin since 1923
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