In January, 2020, the Gombin Society entered into an agreement with the Nissenbaum Foundation of Warsaw to repair and refurbish the metal fence around the Gombin Jewish Cemetery.   This fence was originally built in 1998 through a similar agreement with Nissenbaum, but had gradually rusted and deteriorated over the intervening 20 years.

The first phase of a multiyear project is now completed with the reinstallation of 70 refurbished spans of the fence in the front of the cemetery, constituting about one-third of the entire length of the boundary of the cemetery.  The project includes the refurbished front gate. 

The current phase of the project cost $32,000 and was financed with a grant from the Nissenbaum Foundation for $16,000 with the remainder matched by the Gombin Jewish Historical and Genealogical Society, through generous donations by our members and friends. You can still contribute to this project and to future phases of the repairs; see our Donate page for more information.

See before and after photos of the repair project and some of the work itself!