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Family Stories

Genealogical and personal accounts of the Jewish families of Gombin.

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Ben Guyer

Ben Guyer as a young man

It was with great sadness that I learned yesterday of the passing of my Uncle Ben Guyer. I send my condolences to his family and friends. When Uncle Ben and Aunt Annette came to Detroit after the war they stayed for a time at our house on Taylor Street. It was a two family flat and they lived downstairs with our grandfather, Shmuel Guyer. Upstairs lived my father, Sidney, my mother, Pearl, my sisters, Mae and Joyce and I. My earliest recollections of them are vivid. Uncle Ben was alive with vital energy, a big heart and a wonderful story-teller… Read More »

Anita Greenbaum-Brush

Greenbaum Family History in Gabin, Poland My grandfather was Jacob Leib Greenbaum. He was the oldest of five brothers, sons of Abram and Hinda Greenbaum. The other brothers were, Joshua, Joseph, Simon (Simcha), and David. Like Jacob, Joshua remained in Gabin, married Sarah and had a daughter, Reizele. Joseph and Simon emigrated to Leeds in England just prior to World War I. They married and had families.. The fifth brother, David, was reportedly taken into the Russian Army during WWI and it is not known what happened afterward. It is possible that he returned to Poland, as I have seen… Read More »

Lukasz Florkiewicz

lukasz florkiewicz gabin lake

February 21, 2010 My name is Lukasz Florkiewicz and I live in village Grabie Polskie – near Gabin. I am 23 years old. Month ago I found Your page in internet and I am very surprised and interested in history of Gabin. I never heared about film ‘BACK TO GOMBIN’ – I would like to see this film. I never heard about Gombin Jewish Historical And Genealogical Society. I saw very interesting photos and I found some special for me photo. Lea Florkewicz – Do You know something more about this person? I am interested because I have almost the… Read More »